Doesn't beautiful objects, but there are beautiful things.
I feel something awesome.
might have beauty on my mind.
can say that,
must occur beautiful things on my own.

single channel video:FullHD(1080*1920) | act:spout out milk | 1:18 seconds | silent

context & image

  • Genesis chapter 38:9


    Onan knew that the offspring wouldn't be his own heir, so whenever he had sexual relations with his brother's wife, he would spill his semen on the ground to avoid fathering offspring for his brother's.

  • Concept

    Self Identity

    How to get deepen reality of myself?
    I aim to make the situation of ambiguity/me=you. It's an actually contradicted situation. But My sensibility kept getting filled while I spout out milk to me. I could feel both, but I am me.