FullHD(1920*1080) | act : Sheeps rubbued Stones of Stenness | 3:22 seconds | speech sound(part of 1984)
*This work made during residency at SEA LOFT residency 2015 "Field work at Orkney"

Residency Archive

  • Day #2 / 10th,June / From Bird

    Coming a Bird into Studio. He knocked windows through the Night.

    The Bird gave me inspiration for making work. The episode is a similar situation with the poem of Edgar Allan Poe's [The Raven].
    I aim to connect this episode with Norse mythology's pair Raven Huginn and Muninn.
    Huginn=Thought, Munnin=Memory on Norse mythology,
    I combine those meaning on The Raven.
    That's trying to make DOUBLETHINK and DOUBLESPEAK (1984's key concept).
    The Raven just to say "Nevermore" on the story of The Raven.
    F asks to M seven questions. M says "Nevermore" to each question, and write "e" on Georges Perec's [A void]
    (This book was rewriting Poe's[The Raven] without "e"). It combines apposite thinkings that without writing "e" & only writing "e" on the same book.

  • instalation view @SEA LOFT residency 2015
  • Day #5 / 14th,June / From Sheep

    I have been to Orkney for filming to sheep rubbed(or scratched) their bodies against the Stones.

    Sheep is a symbol of brake to Notion in this case.
    Huginn and Muninn have a master “ODIN”.He is Norse mythology’s god.
    He has a story about word/Runes. It's becoming an image of Tarot no.12 “The Hanged Man”.
    I transrate Sheep → Odin→ BigBrother(Ruler on1984). express with Video of filming Orkney.

    #about Language
    From Collecting Documents [1984’s main character Winston's job]

    Express the context of concept by cutting and collect words.
    and thinking about How to write?,
    How to lost/get translate between the word to the image? How to extension writing of context?

  • instalation view @SEA LOFT residency 2015

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