FullHD(1920*1080) | act : Sheeps rubbued Stones of Stenness | 3:22 seconds | speech sound(part of 1984)
*This work made during residency at SEA LOFT residency 2015 "Field work at Orkney"

Residency Archive

  • Day #2 / 10th,June / From Bird

    Coming a Bird in to Studio. He knocked windows through the Night.

    Bird gave me inspiration for making work. Episode is similar situation with poem of Edgar Allan Poe's [The Raven].
    I aim to connect this episode with Norse mythology's pair Raven Huginn and Muninn.
    Huginn=Thought, Munnin=Memory on Norse mythology,
    I combine those meaning on The Raven.
    That's try to make DOUBLETHINK and DOUBLESPEAK (1984's key concept).
    The Raven just to say "Nevermore" on story of The Raven.
    F asks to M seven questions. M say "Nevermore" to each questions, and write "e" on Georges Perec's [A void]
    (This book had re:writing Poe's[The Raven] without "e").

    It's combines apposite thinkings that without writing "e" & only writing "e" on same book.

  • instalation view @SEA LOFT residency 2015
  • Day #5 / 14th,June / From Sheep

    I have been to Orkney for filming to sheep rubbed(or scrached) their bodies against the Stones.

    Sheeps is stmbol of brake to Notion in this case.
    Huginn and Muninn has master “ODIN”.He is Norse mythology’s god.
    He have story about word/Runes. It’s became image of Tarot no.12 “The Hanged man”.
    I transrate Sheep → Odin→ BigBrother(Ruler on1984) . express with Video of filming Orkney.

    #about Language
    From Collecting Documents [1984’s main charactor winston’s job]

    Express the cntext of concept by cutting and collect words.
    and thinking about How to write?, How to lost/get tarnslate between word to image?
    How to extention writing of context?

  • instalation view @SEA LOFT residency 2015

Installation View