Yasunori Kawamatsu keep becoming Yasunori Kawamatsu.
What's the beautiful things?
If Beautiful-things happened in my perceive, I can say that my mind have Beautiful-things.
If subject have Beautiful origin, What's the [subject]? and what's [not subject]?
in this case, Subject is myself. What's the relation of me to me? This make relation is get perceive to me by myself.
Being myself,,, keep certain and make relation of me to me. I guess,,, Beautiful be happening by being myself .

single channel video: FullHD(1920*1080) | act : Typing My name on Plaster | 11:58 seconds | typing sounds

context & image

  • Part of Installation

    Cogito ergo sum

    Finding charactor K.A.W.A.M.A.T.S.U.Y.A.S.U.N.O.R.I
    in book of [Discours de la méthode] by René Descartes 
    delated other text by scraching.
    The Book has de:constructing only my name.

  • Part of Installation

    Replacement identity

    Name as Identity.
    This work aim to feedback identity by chinging the form.
    * Typed Name(words)
    → Plaster coverd fingers and got volume
    → comes up fingerprints on surface of Plaster.
    it means cycle of identity,
    Name(words):2D → Plaster:3D → Fingerprints:2D