NARRATIVISUAL:C ‘Por la razón o la Fuerza mayor’

Collaboration with
Maria Ossandon Recart


Her name is Maria, She has a background that the grand-grandfather had come from Croatia.
She has especially beautiful eyes which have several colors as Blue, Yellow, Anber, Glay, Green.
It was like a kind of family tree drawing as the identity.
80years ago, Croatian immigration arrived at Chile.
They wished to go Argentine. Because of big economic success there in that period.
They try to go over the Andes mountain. But They couldn't it.
Because They didn't have shoes because of the economic problem of poor immigrants.
It was impossible to climb barefoot to the Andes. A long long time ago, San Martín had over the Andes for the independence of South America.
But the Andes was kind of wall for Croatian immigrants.
This story has the metaphor that the Andes mountain is capitalism, Nationality, identity.
This work based on constructed by the story of these.
The video filmed Maria who typing own name combined father's name and Mother's. Also in the video has narration about the story of the color of eyes and the story of Croatian immigration.

Collaboration with
Gimena Castellom Arrieta


"Grandmother was the first feminist in my family"
Gimena told me that, She moved to Chile with married.
Her family was immigrants from German and Poland.
Her eyes have Green in around, and head to the center becoming yellow.
"Women had to make the decision in life"
She had learned a lot of things from grandmother.
She can knitting by hand without the needle.
This technic was given from grandmother for enduring the poor situation.
Grandmother was repairing the shoes by cardboard. Because She cannot buy shoes.
Shoes were a symbol of fashion, women, culture.
Those have the meaning of metaphor the money, as it like situation of Croatian immigrants. She told about story of Shoes in the video.
And the sculpture was maden by tracing hand knitting gesture as simulated of her identity.

Installation View

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