Kawamatsu’s work aims to express one key concept:

equalisation(flat) = nothing = picturisation

“I use language as a symbol and starting point to build my work. I then remove the context of this language, flattening it's meaning (equalisation). Once the meaning and context have been removed (nothing),  I develop a new visual language reappropriating its meaning (picturisation). These works reference autopoiesis, a representation of self renewal and regeneration. This is the key process for my work.”

 Yasunori Kawamatsu born to 1984 in Gumma/Japan. He was graduate from the design course of Tokyo Institute of Polytechnics in 2006. He was started Artist career that part in a performance at Kunsthall of Dusseldorf in 2008, and he joined group exhibition in the Gumma Museum of Modern Art in 2009, and Takasaki city museum in 2012, also 53 Art Museum in china 2014. He will take residency program at La Napoule Art Foundation this year. And He Listed-up on Forever now 2014.
His first Solo-exhibition took place at tent gallery in 2011. Moreover, he curates the group exhibitions under the curatorial concept “dabada”. Beginning established in 2010 and most recently holding its 15th exhibition in March, 2014.